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Tapping Into the Teenage Brain: "Mind, Brain, and Teaching" at JHU

#braindevelopment #highschool #neuroscience #teachingteens #teenbrain #theteenagebrainthing Sep 10, 2023

This past week, I had something in common with millions of young people across the country: I went “back to school.”


I don’t just mean “back to school” as in I returned to the high school where I work and began the 2023-2024 school year. I mean “back to school” as in I started my journey as a college student again. And I can’t say enough about how happy I am!


This fall, I’m taking two classes through Johns Hopkins’ University’s Mind, Brain, and Teaching graduate certificate program. The program is online and is a 15-credit program that is focused on bridging the connection between the latest developments in neuroscience and the institution of education. It’s literally a perfect program; it will allow me to totally geek out on brain science and to make really precise connections to the teenage brain. It also allows me to connect with other educators around the country who have similar interests. 


The first class I’m taking is called “Explorations in Mind, Brain, and Teaching.” The goal of this course is to look at the intersection of brain science (the functions of the brain, how emotions impact learning, how higher-order thinking skills are developed, etc.) and how teaching strategies should shift and change to highlight that brain science. The second class is called “Fundamentals of Cognitive Development.” This course looks at how cognition develops inside the brain (how language, motivation, memory and intelligence develops over time) and how all of that connects to teaching and learning inside the institution of education.


I am so excited to share things I learn during these classes! Get ready to follow along and nerd out with me over the next semester :) 


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